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Apr 24, 2024 by Alan Zeedyk

OnBoard Newsletter | April 2024

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Expand Your Technical Knowledge

Do you have what it takes to thrive in today's competitive design and construction landscape? Stay ahead of the game with National Gypsum Company's continuing education program. Designed to expand your expertise and encourage meaningful discussions, all programs qualify for AIA Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credits.

Regardless of your position in the firm or your project’s design phase, you’ll gain a better understanding of product applications, technical standards, systems and the answers to questions such as:

We offer a wide array of expert-led AIA HSW continuing education courses during our Lunch ‘N Learn programs. Some of our most-requested courses include:

The more programs you attend, the more you’ll know. Our Lunch ‘N Learns will also strengthen your team’s ability to bridge project gaps together and impact everything from project development and management to quality control.

We also have online continuing education courses available throughout the year, but our in-person programs provide more opportunities for Q&As and encourage your team to build knowledge together.

Contact your regional construction design manager
today to schedule your in-person Lunch ‘N Learn!

Instant Expertise When You Need It

National Gypsum’s comprehensive Design & Resource Center provides access to a digital library of tools, educational resources and answers to some of your toughest building questions.

  • Your Guides for Building a Better Future - Technical resources to help you select and specify the right products. Download Technical Guides
  • NGC Blog - Explore a variety of educational articles on a wide range of topics. Access NGC Blog
  • FAQs & Glossaries - Answers to the most frequently asked questions received by 1-800-NATIONAL® Construction Services. Find Answers

“National Gypsum's CEUs are an excellent way to expand your technical knowledge. They are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to include the latest information available. Our Lunch ‘N Learn presentations consistently generate discussions, interaction and questions among the attendees, and we also receive positive feedback and requests for NGC technical resources.”

Pat Grotlisch


Pat Grotlisch

Construction Design ManagerNational Gypsum Company

“National Gypsum strives to take your learning to the next level by providing excellent educational resources. Our technical guides aim to elevate your expertise in acoustics and fire-rated assemblies for steel and wood framing. The NGC Blog, on-demand webinars, helpful FAQs and the best construction services team (with a collective 90 years of experience) offer more opportunities to answer your challenging questions and enhance your knowledge."

Alan Zeedyk


Alan Zeedyk

Construction Design ManagerNational Gypsum Company

Resources Designed With You In Mind

The OnBoard™ newsletter addresses feedback and technical questions we regularly receive. If you didn't read these topics initially, it's worth taking a look now. Explore the latest issues to assist with any challenges you may face in your current projects.

Building Enclosure Webinar

Recording of Building Enclosure webinar hosted by National Gypsum's Scott Hughes that aired on April 30, 2024. Listen now!

Expert Connection

From expertise on building products in fire- and sound-rated assemblies to specifying the best products for your next project, we have a construction design manager available to provide architectural design assistance every step of the way. We are here to help you design and build better. Connect now!

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