PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board Improves Energy Efficiency

Feb 20, 2024 by Thad Goodman

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PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board Improves Energy Efficiency and Installs Easily

Improve energy efficiency and meet International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements with PermaBASE CI® Insulated Cement Board. PermaBASE CI is made with PermaBASE® Cement Board and high-density polyiso insulation to provide durability and highly efficient insulation in one convenient package. The lightweight, durable, moisture- and mold-resistant cement board installs quickly and easily, helping to expedite your project schedule. Achieving the industry’s lowest water-absorption rating (ASTM C473), PermaBASE CI performs well for a variety of exterior applications.

Eliminate Air and Moisture Leakage and Reduce Thermal Bridging

PermaBASE CI provides solutions for many design challenges and answers your need to address sustainability. Incorporating continuous insulation in the building envelope helps to eliminate air and moisture leakage as well as reduce thermal bridging, or the heating/cooling loss transmitted through steel studs.

Since studs comprise about 25% of walls in a typical building, thermal bridging can reduce insulation efficiency by approximately the same percentage. PermaBASE CI can help reduce insulation loss due to thermal bridging, whether your project is a hospital, school, multifamily housing or retail building.

When you prioritize energy efficiency and reduce thermal bridging, your building becomes more sustainable. A proper building envelope will help eliminate energy loss, lead to lower utility bills and extend the life of your structures. For more information about how exterior continuous insulation boosts energy efficiency and improves a building’s thermal envelope, check out our recent NGC Blog post.

One Substrate Reduces Multiple Layers

An outside layer of PermaBASE CI allows a solid surface for installation of all your thin brick, tile, manufactured and natural stone or cement board stucco systems. This one substrate works for any finish. PermaBASE CI provides a 15-year exterior product warranty and is a component in numerous warranted systems.

Four Available Thicknesses

There are four thicknesses available: 1” with an R-4 rating, 1-1/4” with an R-6 rating, 2” with an R-10 rating and 3” with an R-16 rating — one to suit every U.S. climate zone.

Meets UL Classifications

A highly flame-resistant product, PermaBASE CI has NFPA 285 approvals for adhered veneer finishes and meets UL classifications for several fire-rated assemblies.

Saves Time on the Job Site

PermaBASE CI provides a durable yet easy-to-cut surface. With PermaBASE CI, your construction team will not need to install separate insulation and cement board solutions, saving them time on the job site. Once installed, PermaBASE CI also reduces the risk of moisture intrusion, which will help extend the life of your building. Consider specifying PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board for your next project. You’ll be glad you did.

PermaBASE CI Performs Well in Every U.S. Region

IECC 2021 Climate Zone Map

inline-imageReference: 2021 IECC - International Energy Conservation Code

PermaBASE CI is Easy to Install

Installation Resources - Download the PermaBASE CI Stucco System Illustrations or PermaBASE CI Masonry Veneer System Illustrations guides to plan your next project. Additional information can be found in the PermaBASE CI system illustration guides, including detailed visuals and instructions for:

  • Horizontal and vertical transition at dissimilar materials
  • Finished bottom of wall (termination at and below slab/foundation)
  • Flanged window head, sill and jam details
  • Floor line with deflection track
  • Raked roof line details

Commercial Stucco Wall System Installation with PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board


Commercial Thin Brick Installation with PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board


“PermaBASE CI has grown from one product offering to four different thicknesses to meet the needs of building codes throughout the country. This is due to comments and questions from our architectural customer base. Call us anytime questions arise on your projects. We’re here to serve you!”

Thad Goodman


Thad Goodman

Construction Design ManagerNational Gypsum Company

“National Gypsum is always developing new products and innovating existing ones to meet the needs of architects, owners and contractors. PermaBASE CI takes a proven product to the next level, utilizing cement board technology and polyiso. Save time and money on labor and get the consistent quality you expect from National Gypsum, all while meeting the increasing R Values required by many energy codes.”

Amy Wilson


Amy Wilson

Construction Design ManagerNational Gypsum Company

PermaBASE CI Specifications and Applications

When considering PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board for your next project, call or email your National Gypsum construction design manager (CDM) for specification and application assistance. You can also schedule an AIA CEU Lunch ‘N Learn, “Innovative Cement Board Applications with Continuous Insulation,” at any time with your CDM.

Learning Opportunities

NGC Blog - Discover a wealth of information on the NGC Blog, where we share insightful articles on a wide range of topics. From designing fire and sound wall assemblies to exploring the impact of high-performance building products, take your expertise to the next level by delving into the NGC Blog today.

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Expert Connection

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