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Building with confidence requires a deep understanding of various aspects of building design, construction and operation that can impact the health and safety of occupants. Delve into our building resources that can help enhance the quality of your projects.

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Whether new construction or renovation, PURPLE SoundBreak XP products deliver innovative noise-reduction solutions for new and existing walls and ceilings.

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Before finishing the drywall on any project, it’s critical to understand the desired aesthetic of the room and how it corresponds with the level of finish you can achieve with gypsum board surfaces before final decoration.

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Fire Resistance

Maintaining a consistent fire rating throughout a structure is crucial for safety. Learn how National Gypsum Company provides fire-rating solutions.

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Indoor Air Quality

As indoor air quality research advances and air quality monitoring programs expand, it is vital to use products that minimize indoor air problems.

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Panelized Construction

Panelized construction has gained prominence as firms seek to control construction schedules that can easily be turned upside down by unpredictable weather and a tight labor market.

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From one and two-coat veneer plaster systems to conventional plaster base coat and finish options, Gold Bond® plaster products create high-quality surfaces enhancing the overall durability of your walls and ceilings.

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Mold, mildew and moisture can spell danger for a building and its occupants. Learn how building products can be an integral part of protecting the owner’s investment and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Roofing Systems

DEXcell® Roof Board products cover the entire spectrum of commercial roofing applications. Whether your building shelters expensive equipment or valued people, DEXcell Roof Boards will cover more than your roof.

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National Gypsum provides products that contribute to a more sustainable environment. Find documents for green rating system requirements such as LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge.

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Time-Saving Solutions

National Gypsum Company develops innovative ways to streamline installation processes, solve customer pain points, and create improvements that save time, money and materials.

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Construction Services


Have a unique situation or application involving gypsum-based materials, finishing products or cement board? Call our experts at 1-800-NATIONAL for assistance. A free phone call from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada puts you directly in touch with National Gypsum’s technical information experts.

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