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Panelized construction

Increase productivity and quality

Explore the benefits of panelized construction and learn how high-performance building products provided by National Gypsum Company can help with quality control, labor savings and increased productivity.

The benefits of panelized construction

Discover five benefits of the time-saving technique and how it can assist with common commercial construction challenges such as tight jobsite locations, weather delays and long installations.

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What is panelized construction?

Panelized construction has been around since the 1970s when builders and contractors of all types wanted to save money and compress construction schedules. Explore the different types of panelized construction and the technical support provided by National Gypsum.

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How GridMarX ensure quality control

Learn how Panel Systems, Inc. relies on Gold Bond® eXP® Sheathing with GridMarX® installation guide marks for its panelized, light-gauge steel walls.

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Panelized Construction


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