Gypsum and Paper

Industrial Products


Some of the largest and most productive Gypsum Rock deposits are owned and operated by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC in the U.S. and Gold Bond Canada, Ltd. in Canada.

The gypsum rock from these quarries supplies wallboard manufacturers, cement manufacturers and agricultural users. Gypsum is the primary core material in the manufacture of drywall, is used by cement manufacturers to regulate the set of Portland cement and by agriculture users for soil amendment and replenishment.

These quarries are conveniently located next to major markets. Gypsum is sold in bulk quantities by truck, rail and marine vessels. Intermediary gypsum products such as gypsum stucco and land plaster are offered at select Gold Bond Building Products plant locations.


The rock nobody knows

Gypsum is an inert, safe mineral that has been used in a variety of applications for centuries. It was used as plaster in the Egyptian pyramids, and today it is most commonly used in homes and commercial buildings, as gypsum wallboard.

Gypsum wallboard is a rigid, light-weight building product, valued for its fire-resistant properties.

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As a vertically integrated company, Gold Bond Building Products, LLC operates three paper mills in the U.S. to supply its gypsum board plants. The company sells prime and downgraded paper from these mills to external customers.

Gold Bond's gypsum liner paper is used by manufacturers of drywall, tube & core and other packaging products.

Gold Bond also works with customers to manufacture a variety of paperboard grades for use in the packaging, paper product and roofing industries.