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Time-saving solutions

Unlock savings on installation labor and materials

Installing substrates like drywall, sheathing or cement board can be time-consuming and labor-intensive with all the measuring and marking, checking, scraping and cleaning. With innovative products and systems exclusively provided by National Gypsum, installation can be efficient and clean, saving crews time and money.

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Solutions to installation challenges

National Gypsum recognizes the importance of identifying challenges faced by builders and installers in the field. Explore some recent innovations developed by our affiliate manufacturing companies to streamline installation processes and create improvements.

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Innovation changing the way you build

Reduce material costs and increase productivity with the powerful combination of GridMarX® installation guide marks and the MaX 12® and MaX 16® fastener patterns.

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Time Study

PermaBASE vs. metal lath

An independent study conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs™ found you can save extensive time and money when installing exterior wall systems by using PermaBASE cement board.

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Make tight construction schedules achievable with PermaBASE

See how PermaBASE Cement Board can help save you time and money on your next stucco project

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How code reports help propel innovation and ensure safety

From plan approval to final inspection, code reports summarize specific standards and requirements

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Unlock time, cost savings with MaX 16

The innovative fastener pattern can help commercial drywall contractors speed up installations and streamline inspections

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Saving time and money

Matt Gallagher, gypsum systems product manager, sat down with gb&d to share National Gypsum’s innovative time and material-saving systems and products.

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Construction Services


Have a unique situation or application involving gypsum-based materials, finishing products or cement board? Call our experts at 1-800-NATIONAL for assistance. A free phone call from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada puts you directly in touch with National Gypsum’s technical information experts.

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