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The ProForm® brand brings meaningful innovation into every project. With select products, you can leverage additional benefits that help minimize costs and maximize jobsite performance.

Building Knowledge

Five levels of finish

Finishing a building, room or wall with the desired aesthetic appearance is important. These educational assets will help you select the right level of finish for wall boards to achieve your desired outcome.

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Product Selection

Making the right choice

From ready mix and setting joint compounds to joint tape and texture products, ProForm Finishing Products has everything needed to complete your complex projects. Use the chart below to select the right product for your next project.

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Building Science Finishing Product Comparison
Product Comparison

Setting compounds vs. ready mix

Setting compounds and ready mix each have unique advantages depending on factors such as weather conditions and project timelines. Use this chart to help you decide when to use setting compounds or ready mix.

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Product Knowledge

Seasonal benefits of setting compounds

Seasonal weather can be a factor in any
building project, but areas with consistently
high humidity or drastic day-to-night
temperature swings can face even larger
challenges when it comes to drywall finishing.

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Building Science Finishing Seasonal Benefits

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Top reasons to use joint compounds with Dust-Tech

Keep your job site cleaner and create a better working environment with ProForm Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech.

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How to choose the right ready mix joint compound

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Have a unique situation or application involving gypsum-based materials, finishing products or cement board? Call our experts at 1-800-NATIONAL for assistance. A free phone call from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada puts you directly in touch with National Gypsum’s technical information experts.

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