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3 Takeaways: International Roofing Expo 2024

Feb 22, 2024

DEXcell Roof Boards celebrates 10 years at IRE


The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is an essential annual event for the roofing industry. Attendees convene to meet roofing professionals, discover new products and network with industry experts. This year, the DEXcell® Roof Board products team actively engaged with system manufacturers, contractors and suppliers, fostering connections to enhance roof board products and offerings.

IRE returned to Las Vegas from February 6-8, drawing nearly 600 exhibiting companies. During the event, the DEXcell team highlighted a decade of experience, showcased its cement board product, and visually emphasized the importance of hard overboard.

10 years of DEXcell

The DEXcell brand is relatively new in the roofing industry. While the National Gypsum name is synonymous with gypsum products, DEXcell is celebrating its 10th year as a roofing products brand.

“Over the past decade, we’ve focused on testing and cultivating strong relationships with system manufacturer partners,” explained Warren Barber, product sales manager for DEXcell® Roof Boards at National Gypsum. “Through extensive system tests and approvals, we’ve established a network of system manufacturer partners that positions DEXcell on par with industry standards. Soon, you’ll be able to use DEXcell hard coverboards across most membrane manufacturer partners and distributors nationwide.”

Experience the benefits first-hand

The signature grey and black of DEXcell Roof Boards were on display in the trade show booth during the IRE 2024 event. A centerpiece of the booth was the roof mock-up where guests can experience the benefits of a hard coverboard.

“During the expo, we proudly showcased a mock-up featuring two of our products, DEXcell® Cement Roof Board and DEXcell FA VSH™ Glass Mat Roof Board, layered over insulation,” said Phil Redmon, senior manager for DEXcell® Roof Boards at National Gypsum. “Our guests had the opportunity to witness firsthand the critical role of a robust coverboard in low slope roofing by standing and walking on our product."

"Not only does a hard coverboard safeguard the waterproofing membrane above and the insulation below—now more valuable than ever—it also provides protection against the elements: rain, hail, snow, and beyond.”

Phil Redmon


Phil Redmon

Senior ManagerDEXcell Roof Board at National Gypsum

Why cement board?

One product stood out at IRE 2024 – DEXcell Cement Roof Board. While many professionals tend to gravitate to gypsum roof board products, the DEXcell team was able to share the benefits of cement board materials with the industry.

“The product we were asked about the most at IRE 2024 was DEXcell Cement Roof Board,” said Redmon. “While many roofing professionals typically begin with gypsum products due to their familiarity, we took the opportunity to address a fundamental question: Why choose cement board? We engaged in valuable conversations about the benefits and advantages of this material, including superior moisture resistance, excellent wind uplift performance and use in both hot mop or cold adhesive applications. These discussions were meaningful in highlighting DEXcell Cement Roof Board as a product that sets our product family apart.”

To learn more about the versatility of DEXcell Cement Roof Board watch this video of a recent installation at a large manufacturing facility in Arizona.


“Our decade-long commitment to roofing products has firmly established DEXcell’s industry presence. With DEXcell roof board products backed by National Gypsum, you benefit from exceptional customer service, reliable organizational support for your projects, and a robust manufacturing network serving job sites nationwide.”

Warren Barber


Warren Barber

Product Sales ManagerDEXcell Roof Board at National Gypsum

Learning more

For more information about DEXcell products, system partners and technical information, visit

National Gypsum Company is the exclusive service provider for products manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC and PermaBASE Building Products, LLC. DEXcell® gypsum roof board products are manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC. DEXcell® cement roof board products are manufactured by PermaBASE Building Products, LLC.