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Duke Energy Headquarters

Duke Energy relocated its headquarters to the second-tallest building in Charlotte, North Carolina. The energy giant's building contains wallboard which started at its own power stations just across the river. The wallboard was made of byproduct gypsum from four Duke steam stations – Marshall, Allen, Cliffside, and Bellews Creek – at the Gold Bond Building Products, LLC Mt. Holly Plant.

Duke Energy Headquarters

Charlotte, North Carolina



Atlanta, Georgia


Wells Fargo

Charlotte, North Carolina


Batson-Cook Construction

Completed in 2010, Duke Energy Center is the second-tallest building in Charlotte, North Carolina. This building’s design incorporates “Workplace of the Future” principles to provide employees with some of the most modern, efficient and sustainable working conditions in the country.

These principles include open, collaborative work areas, less energy and water usage, and broad use of natural light. Sustainable features include water-saving plumbing devices, a special water storage system and a green roof.

Gold Bond Building Products, LLC's Mt. Holly plant supplied gypsum board for this project. The building is LEED Platinum certified.