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Cornell University Decathlon Entry

Cornell University students competed in the biennial Global Solar Decathlon with their "Silo House" which took seventh place in the competition. Twenty other schools competed from five countries. The Silo House featured four cylinders connected by a courtyard. The students used Gold Bond® High Flex® Gypsum Board to build the walls of the concept home.






Cornell University Decathlon Entry

Ithaca, New York

Project Designers

Solar Decathlon Competition - 150 Cornell University students

Ithaca, New York

Cornell’s Solar Decathlon 2009 entry, known as the “Silo House,” is three interconnected cylinder-shaped modules powered by electricity from 40 photovoltaic panels. The walls of this concept home are built with Gold Bond® High Flex® Gypsum Board.

This “post-agrarian” house is a net-zero user of energy – expected to generate more power than it uses. Each of the house’s silos – kitchen, bedroom and living room – is 16 ft. (4.9 m) in diameter, with about 130 ft.2 (12.1 m2) of floor space. It features an integrated solar thermal system and evacuated tube collectors that heat the space and water.

This Solar Decathlon team was comprised of 150 Cornell students, including representatives of all seven Cornell colleges and the graduate school of business.