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Sep 1, 2019 by Scott Hughes

OnBoard | September 2019

OnBoard September 2019 | NGC Testing Mike Rizo

Now it’s easier than ever to pair more tested assemblies with the best product portfolio for all your commercial projects. To meet your specifications, look no further than National Gypsum.

National Gypsum had a tremendous year in 2018, adding a record number of fire- and sound-related assemblies. NGC Testing Services in Buffalo, New York, facilitated all the testing.

Our new tested assemblies include:

Among our newest 50-plus tested sound assemblies, several feature our new ¾” SoundBreak XP Ceiling Board. These assemblies offer unprecedented 60+ IIC (Impact Installation Class) and 60+ STC (Sound Transmission Class) results with a single board. This acoustically enhanced ceiling board was specially engineered for floor-ceiling assemblies. It significantly reduces airborne and structure-borne sound transmission between adjacent spaces in commercial, multi-family and residential buildings.

Consider UL design M514, which offers a 1-hour unrestrained wood floor joist assembly rating.

OnBoard September 2019 | UL M514
UL M514
Consider UL design M545, which offers a 1-hour unrestrained wood floor truss assembly rating.
OnBoard September 2019 | UL M545
UL M545

For additional solutions to any acoustics challenge you face, watch for a new enhanced version of our popular The SoundBook™ – coming this fall. Contact your Construction Design Manager to reserve a copy.

More Fire-Rated Assemblies for All Your Designs

Our tested assemblies are third-party certified and code compliant for your critical commercial applications. We stay abreast of construction trends and incorporate them into our UL-rated assemblies, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Depending on your project, there are many options available. To highlight a few, we think you’ll appreciate these three “work horse” fire-rated assemblies:

  • V438 – 1-4 hour non-load bearing steel stud wall assemblies
  • W469 – 1-3 hour load-bearing steel stud wall assemblies
  • W419 – 1-4 hour shaftwall assemblies

Other Application Methods That Give You The Edge

Our MaX 12 is another innovation that reduces labor and eases installation. It offers the industry’s best 12” o.c. optimized fastener pattern applying to 1-hour, UL-rated assemblies that are single layer, metal frame (load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls). MaX 12 is now listed in 13 UL designs. And you won’t find this application method available with any other manufacturer’s products – it’s exclusive to National Gypsum.

OnBoard September 2019 | GridMarX Logo

When MaX 12 is coupled with Gold Bond® BRAND patented GridMarX® installation guide marks, contractors realize a substantial cost savings. You can’t beat the simple and efficient fastener pattern of MaX 12 and the precision that GridMarX provides. Together, they offer a powerful one-two punch, and contractors tell us they love it.

For Details, Talk with Your Construction Design Manager Today

Call or email your Construction Design Manager for more insights on the best sound and fire-rated assemblies to match your project requirements. Also, if you have additional questions about products, systems (MaX 12 or GridMarX) or want a second opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you design and build better.

"National Gypsum has you covered when it comes to Fire and Sound. Our two most popular resource books, The PURPLE Book® II and The SoundBook™, are expanding. With the addition of our UL and STC testing over the last 12 months, we now have some of the best resources in the industry. Let National Gypsum help you with those hard to find UL Designs, and we are here to help when sound transmission really matters."

Scott Hughes


Scott Hughes

Construction Design ManagerNational Gypsum

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