New Site Highlights NGC’s Commitment to Sustainability

May 1, 2019 by Amy Hockett

OnBoard Newsletter | May 2019

Sustainability is a process at the heart of National Gypsum Company, and we want to show you how that translates to doing business with us.

Building Futures Website – Where We Share Sustainability Updates

If you haven’t already visited our new Building Futures™ website, please take a moment and click in today. It’s an online resource we developed with you in mind, and it has important information pertaining to National Gypsum’s commitment to all things related to sustainability. You can see how we measure and manage our environmental footprint, ways we use technology to optimize processes, and continuous improvements we’re making to build a culture that challenges the status quo.

Find Out How Sustainability Affects More Than Our Product Lines

Here, you’ll also see how “doing well by doing good” extends far beyond our products. It impacts the communities we serve, the lives of our more than 2,400 associates and the ways we put our guiding values into practice. Sustainability is about reducing our carbon footprint. But it’s also about having a strong footprint in communities across the nation – where our associates help to rebuild when disaster strikes, support wounded combat veterans, and go the extra mile for customers when it counts most.

Our job would not be complete if we did not also create transparency around how we live our company values, how our associates engage with our communities, and how we are faring on the evolving metrics of corporate citizenship.

In the words of our Chairman, CEO and President, Tom Nelson, “I want others to see National Gypsum as a company going beyond compliance and building a better future for our associates, our customers, our owners, the communities where we work and the environment.” You can read more of his insights when you visit Building Futures.

How Well Do Our Products Score in the Sustainability Arena?
How efficiently does our manufacturing plant reduce waste? What measures do we take to clear the air? Whether disclosure is required or not, the answers to these questions also factor into creating a superior product line. Creating new and innovative building products, with gentler or no environmental consequences, is always our goal. We believe high-performance products can also score well on the sustainability spectrum. Transparency and disclosure, including our Health Product Declarations and Declare labels, are key components of sustainability, along with continuous improvement in our product specifications and assemblies to meet today’s most stringent performance standards for health and wellness. In the Building Futures website, we pull back the curtain and share data that helps you make more informed choices when specifying for projects that will impact generations to come.

Even if you’ve already taken a tour, visit Building Futures again to learn more about how we are “building today for a better tomorrow.” We post new information regularly, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have. If we can provide additional information, don’t hesitate to call or email your Construction Design Manager. As always, we’re here to help you design and build better.

"Our intention with the publication of Building Futures is to show our customers and communities our commitment to integrating our company values into everything we do. We are determined to apply sustainable practices in every facet of our business, at all of the communities where we work, and in doing so we will build a better future together."

James Phipps

James Phipps

Director of Environmental AffairsNational Gypsum

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