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Creating quieter spaces with gypsum

Jul 26, 2022

Noise pollution is a significant environmental cause of health problems.


Flanking sound and noise pollution can be a big problem in any building, making it difficult for occupants to concentrate, impeding privacy, and affecting quality of life. Research shows noise can even lead to health problems. That is why National Gypsum Company developed SoundBreak XP Wall® Board over 15 years ago.

Noise pollution is a significant environmental cause of health problems following air pollution. Frequent exposure to noise pollution can cause high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, decreased quantity and quality of sleep, and increased stress and depression. “The SoundBreak XP family of products is a solution to many of these noise issues,” says Matt Gallagher, product manager of gypsum systems at National Gypsum Company.

Green Building & Design (gb&d) sat down with Matt Gallagher to take a deeper dive into the importance of creating quieter spaces and how the SoundBreak XP product family helps contractors and designers achieve those goals.

Visit the gb&d website to read the full interview.

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