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Artist Gives Recycled Materials New Life

Aug 29, 2019

Turning gypsum into art

CHARLOTTE, NC (August 29, 2019) - When it comes to art supplies for Ronnie Streichler, Gold Bond Gypsum Board is her muse.

Streichler is a New Jersey based artist who uses gypsum board waste from jobsites to create sculptures and other art pieces. She sources scrap drywall from Williams Lumber in Rhineback, NY to create her works of art.

“I woke up one evening and said drywall is an amazing product and I can make a sculpture out of it,” she said. In particular, she enjoys working with the product because of the low-dust benefits. “I work with it on a band saw and do not accumulate any dust in my studio.”

Streichler believes that each recycled item tells an important story. “I want people to understand that things that would normally be trashed can be turned into magnificent pieces of art.”

One benefit she sees to using the recycled product is the ease of use of working with the product. Another benefit is environmental conservatism.

Her mixed media display called, Talking Trash: The Metamorphosis of Stuff, will be on display later this month at the Fort Lee New Jersey Library. The majority of her collection was made using pieces of Gold Bond Brand Gypsum Board.


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