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Five tips for installing drywall

Sep 19, 2022

Use this guide to install Gold Bond gypsum board products with precision and ease


For drywall installation that stays on schedule and error-free, keep these five installation tips top of mind to guarantee success on every job site. To see the entire process, watch the drywall installation video below and learn more drywall installation pro tips.

1. Store wall boards flat on the floor to prevent damage

Stage the boards flat on a clean surface to prevent damage. Before hanging each board, inspect it for damage or issues and do the same for the wall framing

2. Cut the boards carefully and properly

After measuring the framing spacing to determine the correct board length, mark the board for cutting. Use a utility knife to score along the line and into the core of the board. Snap the board away from the cut, and, if needed, run the knife along the break to cut the back paper as well to ensure a clean break.

3. Screw fasteners to the proper depth

After hanging the first board, secure it to the framing with bugle head drywall screws. Each screw should be 12"–16" apart on the framing. To make installation easier, all Gold Bond gypsum boards have GridMarX® guide marks to assist with screw placement.

Avoid tearing the face paper and be sure to indent the screw head so it is just below the paper’s surface. On wood framing, screws should have a minimum penetration of ⅝", while on steel, screws should have minimum penetration of ⅜" into the framing. Fasten screws in the field of the board first and then on the perimeter.

4. Don’t forget to mark and cut out receptacles

When measuring framing spacing to determine the right board length, mark receptacles, such as electrical outlets, on the floor and on the board. After fastening the drywall to the framing, cut out the receptacles. When making your cuts, keep in mind that most outlets measure 2" x 4".

5. Stagger vertical end joints

Create a stronger wall and make concealment during finishing easier with staggered vertical end joints. Hang the boards at right angles and ensure their edges and ends are touching while taking care not to force them into place.


Gold Bond Building Products has the right gypsum board for any construction challenge.

Gold Bond Building Products manufactures a wide variety of gypsum board products, from Gold Bond® Gypsum Board and Gold Bond® Fire-Shield® Gypsum Board to Gold Bond® Kal-Kore® Fire-Shield Plaster Base and Gold Bond® Durasan® Prefinished Gypsum Board. All Gold Bond gypsum boards have GridMarX guide marks to help installation crew members avoid mistakes and keep projects on schedule. Use our product selector to find the right gypsum board for your next project.

For the ultimate protection of your investment, Gold Bond XP® Gypsum Board has added mold, mildew and moisture resistance. It has PURPLE paper on the face side and heavy, mold/mildew/moisture-resistant, 100% recycled gray paper on the back side to protect against mold. These features inhibit mold growth with the highest possible score on mold tests (ASTM D3273 and ASTM G21). Additionally, the boards have SPORGARD® technology with extra mold-inhibiting properties.

Click here to view a quick reference document on drywall installation.


SPORGUARD® is a registered trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany.

The color Purple is a registered trademark of Gold Bond Building Products, LLC.