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How one drywall contractor saves on labor and materials

Jul 22, 2022

GridMarX and MaX 12 help Valley Interior Systems ensure high quality and easier installation, giving even the most inexperienced crew members increased confidence.


When it comes to top-quality drywall installation that is also fast and efficient, there’s no better solution than Gold Bond® gypsum board products with GridMarX® installation guide marks and the MaX 12® fastener pattern, according to Troy Vance of Valley Interior Systems, one of the largest union drywall contractors in the Midwest region.

Troy Vance_Valley Interior
Troy Vance, CEO Valley Interior Systems

“Quality control is one of the key benefits for us in using GridMarX and MaX 12,” said Vance, CEO of Valley Interior Systems. “A lot of the large contractors we work with have a quality control program. It’s easy for us to communicate with them and let them know we use GridMarX, so they know the spacing will be clearly marked out and easily inspected.”

Valley Interior Systems, which has been in operation for 41 years, employs over 1,000 carpenters, finishers and plasterers. They work on a variety of projects, from hospitals to office buildings and beyond.

Vance said his team has experienced increased fastener accuracy, enhanced installation quality and easier assurance of compliance by using Gold Bond gypsum board with the combination of GridMarX and MaX 12. In fact, that’s the gypsum board his company uses on most projects.

What are GridMarX installation guide marks and the MaX 12 fastener pattern?

This combination helps installers quickly identify fastener lines for studs and joist framing.

  • GridMarX installation guide marks are printed on the paper surface of all boards manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC, an affiliate company of National Gypsum Company.

How do GridMarX and MaX 12 improve crew member training and drywall installation efficiency?

With so many projects, it is paramount for Valley Interior Systems to efficiently train new crew members. The visual grid pattern instills confidence in new carpenters.

“We are getting a lot of younger carpenters in the mix,” Vance said. “Using GridMarX and MaX 12 is a great training tool because they can follow the patterns. It takes a lot of confusion out of the process.”

How does the MaX 12 fastener pattern reduce physical strain on drywall installers?

Anyone in the construction industry knows the physical toll drywall installation takes on shoulders and elbows. To keep projects on schedule and on budget, it is essential to keep installation crews healthy and happy. The MaX 12 fastener pattern optimizes screw placement, so crews use fewer fasteners per gypsum board and experience less fatigue per project.

“There’s a savings for the guys in the long run when you are using MaX 12 versus the original 8 inches on center pattern,” Vance said. “It’s fewer screws and therefore less wear and tear on their shoulders and elbows. Every little bit helps in keeping our team in good spirits and healthy.”

How does the MaX 12 fastener pattern result in labor and material savings?

According to an independent time and motion study, conducted by RS Means data from Gordian, that compared traditional gypsum board installation to gypsum board with GridMarX and the optimized MaX 12 fastener pattern, savings included:

  • 17% reduction in labor hours
  • 45% fewer fasteners
  • Up to $70 per 1,000 square feet reduction in labor and materials costs

That translates to $14,335 savings on a 250,000-square-foot vertical installation and $15,720 savings on a 250,000-square-foot horizontal installation.

Use the GridMarX and MaX 12 Savings Calculator to estimate how much you can save on labor and materials for your projects using GridMarX with the MaX 12 optimized fastener pattern.


Watch this side-by-side installation video to see how Gold Bond Gypsum Board with GridMarX installation guide and Max 12 optimized on-center fastener pattern compares to a traditional gypsum board competitor.