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PURPLE drywall helps Cote Drywall tackle humidity and mold

May 25, 2023

Learn how this family-owned business taps National Gypsum Company for drywall products that deliver unparalleled results

For drywall contractors, installing PURPLE high-performance drywall provided by National Gypsum Company is a great solution to help control the impact of mold and moisture in high-humidity areas of a home, such as basements or bathrooms. With its specially treated core and mold-, mildew- and moisture-resistant paper facing, PURPLE gives drywall installers confidence their work will last for decades.

Cote Customer Testimonial
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This level of performance is why the team at Cote Drywall in northwest Florida are devoted fans of PURPLE, relying on the product’s innovative features to combat the typical damp spaces in a house and the humid coastal air that is synonymous with the region.

“Our main focus is the high-end custom homes and waterfront properties in the Gulf Breeze and Pensacola areas,” said Noah Cote, a project manager at Cote Drywall. “In houses like these — with open porches, open windows — we use PURPLE XP® Drywall provided by National Gypsum to make sure we have the best product to handle the moisture because it’s going to get humidity all the time.”

As a third-generation, family-owned small business, Cote Drywall has spent decades building a reputation as a top-notch drywall installation crew. Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps, Noah Cote understands the importance of dependable relationships and ensuring his company has the products and expertise it needs to deliver the best service for its customers.

“Without a solid support team around you, being the supply house and the manufacturers, it’s impossible to do our job,” said Cote. “Everything starts from the beginning, and that’s probably one of the reasons we like National Gypsum as much as we do.”


Drywall products that make installation fast and easy

In addition to their unparalleled resistance to moisture, mold and mildew, all PURPLE products are naturally fire resistant, are UL GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality and select products can help reduce noise between rooms. Noah Cote cites this level of performance, along with ease of installation, as key reasons for his company’s commitment to using PURPLE, along with other building materials provided by National Gypsum.

“Our goal from the very beginning is to make sure we do everything right the first time. We try to employ the best and make sure our clients and our customers have the best product possible,” added Cote. “The speed and the quality of the work is everything — and GridMarX® really helps us with that.”

A standard on all PURPLE drywall products, GridMarX installation guide marks allow for faster and more accurate installation.

PURPLE drywall board offers several other features that make installation fast and easy:

  • The drywall board scores and snaps easily, with no special handling requirements.
  • The ends are square cut and finished smooth.
  • The edges are tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced.

“We love ProForm products because they really help us move quickly — they spread easily, and it picks up time. If you had a material that was 30% harder to spread, at the end of the day, the guys are going to be 30% more tired and get 30% less work done.”

Noah Cote


Noah Cote

Project ManagerCote Drywall

The perfect ready mix for all phases of finish

With the drywall hung and ready to be finished, Noah Cote and his team turn to ProForm® All Purpose Joint Compound, which is designed for tape application, fastener spotting and complete joint finishing of gypsum board.

“We love ProForm products because they really help us move quickly — they spread easily, and it picks up time,” said Cote. “If you had a material that was 30% harder to spread, at the end of the day, the guys are going to be 30% more tired and get 30% less work done.”

Advantages of ProForm All Purpose Joint Compound:

  • Mold resistant
  • Applies easily and provides an excellent bond
  • Ideal for taping, filling, finishing and texturing
  • Stays strong — highly durable surface
  • Lessens pocking and pinholing

To help plan your next project, use National Gypsum’s material calculator to determine how much PURPLE drywall you’ll need, along with recommendations on joint compound, joint tape and fastener quantities. For additional support, National Gypsum’s Excellence Across the Board® program includes industry-leading technical guidance from 1-800-NATIONAL and a wealth of useful documents and tools in the Design & Resource Center.

The color Purple is a registered trademark of Gold Bond Building Products, LLC.