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Custom home builder combats humidity with PURPLE XP

Mar 21, 2023

For Steve Greene of Holley Homes in Alabama, using high-performance products manufactured by Gold Bond provides peace of mind


Due to the warmth of its relatively confined waters, the Gulf of Mexico creates a significant amount of humidity for any community built along its coastline. This includes Mobile, AL, where custom home builder Steve Greene owns and operates Holley Homes, LLC. For Greene, the humidity that blankets Mobile requires a proactive strategy to ensure his clients always have a home that exceeds their expectations.

“We feature a lot of the products provided through National Gypsum,” said Greene. “And the reason we use PURPLE is because with the high moisture in Mobile, it gives you the mold and mildew resistance that goes with it. We use PURPLE XP on all our wet locations — utility rooms, bathrooms and master bathrooms.”


PURPLE XP® Drywall features SPORGARD® technology with extra mold-inhibiting properties, and has less than 5% water absorption. PURPLE mold- and moisture-resistant drywall is the best drywall for high moisture areas, such as shower walls, with features that inhibit mold growth with the highest possible score on mold tests (ASTM D3273 and ASTM G21). National Gypsum Company provides PURPLE and other select high-value products manufactured by its affiliate company Gold Bond Building Products.

“I'm very thankful for the peace of mind that comes with using the Gold Bond products — the consistency and the quality that comes with it,” said Greene.

In addition to moisture resistance, using Gold Bond gypsum board products with patented GridMarX® installation guide marks helps Holley Homes achieve increased fastener accuracy and enhanced installation quality.

“The consistent quality with the products provided by National Gypsum is our biggest mainstay. One of the big advantages with Gold Bond products are the GridMarX guide marks on the boards. When you're hanging it, whether you’re a professional or an amateur, it helps you line up.”

Steve Greene


Steve Greene

OwnerHolley Homes

“Not just building homes, building relationships”

Over the course of 25 years and thousands of projects for Holley Homes, Greene has learned the critical value of developing connections and building trust. And with recent supply chain issues plaguing the construction industry, he’s thankful for the relationship with his local National Gypsum distributor.

“With National Gypsum, we have our local supplier here, and that relationship is very important and comes into play when the supply chain goes short,” Greene said. “They have taken care of us and it's really not affected our jobs.”

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Across the country, National Gypsum distributors — and subsequently their customers, like Holley Homes — benefit from the direct relationships they have with National Gypsum field sales representatives, who provide a personal touchpoint backed by Excellence Across the Board®, the company’s industry-leading technical support and customer service.

In addition to PURPLE XP, Holley Homes uses Gold Bond® High Strength LITE® Gypsum Board in homes they build in Mobile. With access to both industry-leading product innovation and always-on customer service from National Gypsum, Greene can grow his business and deliver results that stand the test of time.

“The biggest thing in being a builder is not just building the homes, but building relationships — whether it be with the customer or the subcontractors — because without both of them you don't have a business,” said Greene.

Explore how the PURPLE family of products can bring peace of mind to your most important relationships.

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