AWCI BUILD24: Innovative Solutions

Apr 2, 2024

National Gypsum team shares insights and takeaways from BUILD24: AWCI’s Convention + Expo


BUILD24: AWCI’s Convention + Expo, managed by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), stands as the largest trade show for the wall and ceiling industry. The annual event brings together professionals from across the industry, offering a platform for in-depth education sessions, trade show expo and networking receptions.

BUILD24 took place at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin in Orlando, FL, from March 24-27 with over 140 companies showcasing their latest technologies, products and tools through nearly 300 booths.

National Gypsum Company associates actively participated in all aspects of the event, fostering valuable connections with customer partners.

The key takeaways for the National Gypsum team included:

  • Building Partner Relationships
  • Providing Sound Solutions
  • Continued Innovation

Building Partner Relationships

Following the event, Tim Hessert, Senior Director of Dealer Sales for National Gypsum Company, shared an insightful encounter. During a conversation with a prominent commercial contractor, the contractor expressed profound confidence in National Gypsum.

“The AWCI show was another great event for our team and customers,” said Hessert. “I had a conversation with a large commercial contractor that really stood out. He said, ‘What you guys have done in the last ten years is move to a space where we confidently know we don’t need anyone but National Gypsum. We can’t afford to fail. We know when we use your products, your systems, your technical expertise, we’re good.’”

“This was a huge compliment," continued Hessert. "Our team continues to invest in our portfolio of products. This industry is not known for innovation, but we continue to provide options and alternatives to increase productivity and outcomes. I think the market recognizes that today.”

Providing Sound Solutions

Like mold, mildew, and moisture-resistant products are a must on any project today, architects and builders now recognize sound management is essential. Whether it’s a new construction or renovation project, addressing noise reduction is necessary.

Sound was a key theme at BUILD24 from the education sessions to the trade show floor.

“At BUILD24, the discussion on sound and noise reduction was front and center,” said Matt Gallagher, gypsum systems product manager for Gold Bond Building Products. “At the National Gypsum booth, we showcased our PURPLE® SoundBreak® XP® family of products and launched our new Sound Solutions Guide. The guide is filled with acoustic concepts in building design, product information and technical data for our SoundBreak XP products, as well as commonly used sound assemblies.”

“Our SoundBreak products deliver innovative noise-reduction solutions for new and existing walls and ceilings,” Gallagher continued. “We have solutions for applications including healthcare, hospitality, multi-family, commercial and residential construction.”

Continued Innovation

Also at the National Gypsum booth, a prominent display showcasing the MaX 16® and MaX 12® fastener patterns on the signature PURPLE XP gypsum board garnered significant attention.

“Building upon the success of MaX 12, we introduced the MaX 16 fastener pattern a year ago at BUILD23, "said Gallagher. "Since then, we’ve received outstanding feedback from contractors in the field. They’ve reported reduced installation time and cost savings on materials. Our study with RSMeans confirmed these benefits, and it was particularly meaningful when we received positive feedback at the show.”

The MaX 16 optimized fastener pattern is the industry’s only 16” o.c. optimized fastener pattern for single layer, 1-hour UL fire-rated assemblies on metal framing spaced 16” on center. The fastener pattern works exclusively with the GridMarX® installation guide marks on gypsum boards manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products and can be installed in both horizontal and vertical applications

See You Real Soon!

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the National Gypsum team is thrilled next year’s edition of this impactful event will be hosted in our hometown.

BUILD25 will be in Charlotte next year and National Gypsum Company will be celebrating our 100th anniversary,” said John Mixson, senior vice president and president of building products for National Gypsum at the BUILD24 Celebration dinner. “If you haven’t visited Charlotte in a while, it’s a vibrant and engaging city. We look forward to partnering with AWCI in hosting this event in 2025.”