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Top reasons to use joint compounds with Dust-Tech

Jul 25, 2022

Keep your job site cleaner and create a better working environment with ProForm Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech


Maintaining a clean and safe jobsite is crucial to the success of all types of projects, and creating that ideal environment starts with the products you use.

When it comes to dust and debris, ProForm® Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech® can keep your job sites cleaner and create a better working environment. Let’s explore what makes ProForm Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech different.

What is Dust-Tech?

Dust Tech
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ProForm All Purpose Joint Compound and ProForm Lite Blue™ Joint Compound are available with proprietary Dust-Tech technology, which causes most airborne dust from sanding to drop to the floor instead of remaining in the air. Dust-Tech allows drywall contractors to sand drywall mud with minimal dust. It keeps the work environment cleaner by reducing dust during sanding by up to 60%.

Contractors often complained that similar products clogged sandpaper due to larger particle sizes. ProForm solved this issue with its Dust-Tech technology.

ProForm Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech are also mold and mildew resistant, scoring the highest of all ProForm joint compounds on the ASTM D3273 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber and ASTM G21 Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi.

How does Dust-Tech minimize airborne dust when sanding finishing products?

The ProForm Joint Compound line of products with Dust-Tech technology provide an answer to the perennial question, “How to sand finishing products with less dust?” Dust-Tech significantly reduces airborne dust during drywall sanding by producing larger particles and dropping to the floor. And Dust-Tech strikes a balance by not clogging sanders or sandpaper.

When to use ProForm Joint Compounds with Dust-Tech


While Dust-Tech can be used on projects of all types, it’s typically used where cleanliness and indoor air quality is a high priority. It is ideal for renovation and retrofit projects such as:

  • Health care facilities that can’t close down for repairs and renovations but must maintain optimal indoor air quality for patients and staff.
  • School renovation projects that occur during the school year and must follow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency best practices for reducing construction dust.
  • Federally funded construction projects that have strict dust emissions rules.
  • Home renovations where residents can’t vacate their home.

In addition to contributing to enhanced indoor air quality during construction, dust dropping to the floor saves the crew time during job site cleanup. With fewer surfaces to clean, crews can wrap up their work quicker to keep the project on schedule.

From superior bonding to dependable set times, ProForm Finishing Products deliver industry-leading performance to help you finish your most complex projects. To learn more about why ProForm products are trusted by professionals, visit the ProForm website.