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Nov 13, 2023

Explore everything our National Gypsum YouTube channel has to offer


With a library of nearly 100 videos on YouTube, National Gypsum Company actively creates content designed to help construction professionals enhance their skills and knowledge.

Whether you’re in search of the right level of finish for wall boards or looking to better understand the science of sound, National Gypsum's YouTube channel serves as an excellent resource for architects, general contractors and builders. Through a wide range of educational and informative video content, the company’s YouTube page offers:

  • Product knowledge and demonstrations
  • Installation guides
  • Project profiles
  • Webinars

Utilizing these on-demand video resources can lead to improved construction practices, enhanced project outcomes and a more informed and skilled workforce.

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National Gypsum's YouTube videos cover a wide array of topics, including proper installation methods, application of products and troubleshooting common issues.

“Visual learning enhances comprehension and retention, making it easier for contractors to apply what they've learned in real-world construction projects. This knowledge enables contractors to select the right products for their projects, ensuring optimal results and customer satisfaction.”

Tony Fuller


Tony Fuller

Director of Technical and Product DevelopmentPermaBASE Building Products

With playlists organized by National Gypsum’s affiliate companies — Gold Bond Building Products, LLC, PermaBASE Building Products, LLC, and ProForm Finishing Products, LLC — along with webinar recordings, a wealth of information is only a click away.

Gold Bond Building Products

Our Gold Bond videos detail the unique features and advantages of our gypsum family of products, offering insights into factors such as ease of installation, fire resistance, sound reduction and sustainability.


ProForm Finishing Products

Achieving a polished and professional finish of gypsum board enhances the overall aesthetics and durability of a project. Our ProForm videos serve as a valuable resource for builders, contractors and finishers providing a wealth of knowledge and insights into achieving impeccable finishes.


DEXcell Roof Board Products

From increased fire resistance to enhanced wind uplift ratings, DEXcell Roof Board stands as a reliable component in dynamic roofing systems. Our videos highlight these benefits and how DEXcell delivers superior protection and thermal benefits for commercial roofing projects.


National Gypsum Webinars

National Gypsum’s webinar recordings provide construction professionals and architects with on-demand access to specialized knowledge from our building science experts.


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