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3 reasons to download National Gypsum's updated NGC Construction Guide

Nov 21, 2022

15th edition of the NGC Construction Guide is an essential tool for architects, contractors, dealers and distributors.

National Gypsum Company recently launched the latest and most comprehensive version of the NGC Construction Guide™. The 15th edition provides detailed information on gypsum board, cement board, roof board and finishing compounds manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, PermaBASE Building Products and ProForm Finishing Products, as well as useful quick-reference diagrams of fire-rated and acoustical assemblies.

The 300-plus page guide is an essential reference book for experienced construction professionals and a training resource for industry novices who need the latest product and technical information.

Keep reading to learn three reasons you should download your copy today.

1. The NGC Construction Guide simplifies product specification.

Whether you're an architect, a specifier, an estimator or a contractor looking for product information, the updated guide provides the necessary details, including:

  • Product dimensions
  • Physical properties
  • Associated ASTM standard(s)
  • Technical data
  • Installation guidelines

It can help you specify products with accuracy and confidence for a variety of projects, such as multifamily buildings, medical facilities and university dorms.

2. The NGC Construction Guide makes it easy to find answers.

Available as a searchable PDF or a printed book, the 15th edition of the guide is the premier reference when searching for product details. Whether you’re a contractor seeking answers on the worksite or an estimator at the office, it’s a must-have reference book.

The PDF version of the NGC Construction Guide offers these benefits:

  • Linked content: Click links in the table of contents to navigate directly to product and technical sections.
  • Color coded: Easily navigate with visually pleasing, color-coded sections.
  • Searchable: Use keyword searches to quickly find information.

The print version of the NGC Construction Guide offers the following benefits:

  • Improved user experience: With color-coded indexing on the outside pages, quickly reference sections without having to use the table of contents.
  • Notes pages: Keep notes right in the book with lined notes sections throughout.
  • Full-color diagrams: Reference UL assembly and installation diagrams.

The NGC Construction Guide highlights key fire-rated and acoustical assemblies and is designed to be used in conjunction with National Gypsum’s series of technical guides: The PURPLE Book®, The SoundBook® and The Wood Book™.

3. The NGC Construction Guide streamlines training new employees.

If you’re running a construction company, an architecture firm or a building products distribution business, training new hires on the details of building products and how they are used can be difficult. The NGC Construction Guide is all-encompassing, making it the go-to textbook on high-performance solutions provided by National Gypsum Company.

In addition to providing extensive product information, the guide’s fire and sound selector provides high-level explanations of fire-rated and acoustical assemblies and gypsum panel products for use in UL classified systems.

The 15th edition of the NGC Construction Guide is the premiere reference book for architects, contractors, dealers, distributors and others in the construction industry. This resource is available now as a free digital download.

Download your copy of the NGC Construction Guide today.