PermaBASE Building Products

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about PermaBASE products

What is the fastener spacing for floor applications?

Every 8” o.c. along the perimeter and field of board.

How do I create a waterproof installation?

All joints and fastener heads must be treated with waterproofing material to complete the waterproof installation.

What makes PermaBASE™ Foam Tile Backer waterproof?

A coated fiberglass facer and waterproof foam core provide the waterproof performance to meet ANSI A118.10 requirements for waterproofness.

Should I install PermaBASE Cement Board vertical or horizontal?

Both methods are approved as long as you stagger the joints.

When is it acceptable to install PermaBASE® Cement Board directly to the studs?

For all interior applications. For exterior jobs, PermaBASE® Cement Board should always be installed over a primary sheathing.

Do I need to treat the joints on PermaBASE products?

All joints and corners must be finished with PermaBASE Cement Board Tape in approved mortars or basecoats.

What kind of fasteners do I use to install PermaBASE® Cement Board?

Corrosion-resistant screw or galvanized roofing nails. Strongly suggest PermaBASE™ Cement Board Screws since they do not have nibs like competitor screws.

What do I use to tape PermaBASE joints?

2” wide alkali-resistant PermaBASE Cement Board Tape for all board joints.

4” wide alkali-resistant PermaBASE Cement Board Tape for inside and outside corners.

4” wide alkali-resistant PermaBASE Cement Board Tape for all exterior applications.

What is the depth of fastener placement in wood and metal?

Long enough to go into wood studs ¾” and metal framing 3/8” (min. three threads).

What is the required joist spacing for floors?

For flooring applications with 16" o.c. floor joists, 5/8" tongue-and-groove exterior-grade plywood or 3/4" tongue-and-groove exterior-grade OSB may be used. For 19.2" o.c. and 24" o.c. floor joists, 3/4" tongue-and-groove exterior-grade plywood or OSB must be used. Tile size for floors with 24" o.c. floor joists must be 12" x 12" or larger. The joist and subfloor assembly must meet L/360 as well as the appropriate code tables for live and dead loads.

What is the height limitation for installing PermaBASE® Cement Board in the CBMV/PB system?

Low rise residential or commercial applications. Higher heights may be approved by a design professional.