Gypsum plaster

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common gypsum plaster questions from the Construction Services team

What are the interior environmental requirements for the application of gypsum veneer plaster?

For the application of gypsum veneer plaster the temperature must not be below 55 degrees F or not more than 80 degrees F for not less than 24 hours prior to plastering and must be maintained for one week after the plaster has set and dried. Distribute heat evenly in all work areas and provide ventilation.

Can I use interior latex drywall primer over gypsum plaster surfaces?

No, alkali-resistant primers specifically formulated for use over gypsum plaster are recommended. The primer should be suitable for use over plaster surfaces that contain lime, which have a high pH of 10-13.

Can standard gypsum board or Gold Bond® XP® Gypsum Board be used as a base for gypsum plaster?

No, use Gold Bond® Kal-Kore® Plaster Base which has a high absorptive face paper designed to permit the rapid trowel application of Kal-Kote® base coat or Uni-Kal® and X-KALibur® one coat veneer plaster systems.