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GridMarX Gypsum Board
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Gold Bond® Foil Back Gypsum Board

Gold Bond® BRAND Foil Back Gypsum Board Panels consist of a fire-resistive gypsum core encased in heavy natural-finish paper on the face side and strong liner paper on the back side to which aluminum foil is laminated. The ends are square-cut and finished smooth.

Basic Uses

Foil Back Gypsum Board can be used for exterior walls and ceilings in new construction and remodeling. The aluminum foil, laminated to the back surface, is a vapor retarder to keep interior moisture within the building at a suitable comfort level. For use with furred masonry, wood or steel framing, Foil Back Gypsum Board is effective for single-layer applications and as a base layer in double-layer applications where a vapor retarder of 1 perm or less is required.


  • In tests conducted according to ASTM Test Procedure E 96 (desiccant method), Foil Back Gypsum Board showed a performance of less than 0.01 perm compared to 34 perm for 1/2" regular gypsum board and approximately 28 perm for 1/2" gypsum board with two coats of flat latex paint.
  • In-place cost of Foil Back Gypsum Board installation is lower per thousand sq. ft. than a similar installation for regular gypsum board and polyethylene-film retarder installed separately.
  • Easy-to-handle Foil Back Gypsum Board is adaptable to virtually all exterior wall and ceiling construction: wood frame, steel frame, furred masonry.
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